Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Now looking like a middle-schooler isn't always bad. There are some cases where my youthful charms can be used to my advantage. (These times do not include: teaching martial arts, staying in the pool during adult swim, or acting as a sponsor stand-in at my brother's Confirmation practice.) However, it is extremely handy when playing the "Guess Your Age" game at our local amusement park.

I saw the little stand as I was strolling through the park with my younger 18-year old sister, my 14-year old brother and his friend, and my sister's 13-year old friend. I spotted the words "Guess Your Age or Weight," and knew that I just had to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I handed my black purse off to my sister, and promptly went over to the person managing the game.

"I'd like to play," I said cheerfully, handing over the $5 needed to play.

"Would you like me to guess your age, weight, or birth month?" The game manager asked as she pocketed my money.

"Age." I stated, determined.

She took out a little pad of paper, and asked a few simple questions (such as what my name was) as she scanned me, my siblings, and our friends. She scribbled down something on the pad and then asked me to tell her my age.

"20," I declared.

And just like that, her eyes widened, and she put her hands to her mouth to hide her laughter. I smiled politely.

"Really?!" she asked incredulously.

I nodded.

"Yeah," I replied. "Would you like to see my ID?"

But my offer to prove my age went on deaf ears as she continued to laugh, showing us the number she'd written on the pad.

"I wrote that you were 14!!"

She waved her hands at the barrel of stuffed toys for me to pick my prize, as the rest of our friends giggled. Since my sister had funded the little game, I chose the prize that she had wanted. She happily took the purple gorilla I had won her, and our little group moved along.

I didn't mind. I'd already had my fun.

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