Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Scarf Girl

Welcome to the blog of Little Scarf Girl. The title doesn't exist solely just to clever: I am a short young woman, who has a penchant for wearing scarves. (Hence, Little Scarf Girl.) People who know me very well can vouch for the fact that I do enjoy wearing scarves. (Silk scarves are my favorite, but I also like the classic winter scarf, as well.) But anyone who so much as glances my way can tell you that I am not only quite short, but also extremely youthful in my appearance.

The amount of double-takes, ridiculous conversations, and shocked expressions have become too numerous for me to count. However, there are quite a few that stand out rather clearly in my mind.

One time, while on a road trip with my boyfriend and his family to visit his relatives, we stopped by a gas station so his father could fuel up the van, and we could get something to fuel our stomaches. We wandered around the convinience store for about ten minutes before proceeding up to the counter to pay for our road trip snacks. When I presented the cashier with my debit card to pay for my Fritos and candy bar, she laughed and exclaimed, "You don't even look old enough to have a bank account!"

Now, there is more than one reason why her statement is ridiculous. (After all, since when was there an age restriction on bank accounts? My father put my name on a shared bank account when I was an infant!) But I, a then freshman college student, was baffled. (And embarrassed!)

My response was a very witty, "Yeah, I get that a lot."

Another more recent incident was when said boyfriend and I decided to go out and see the movie The Spirit. I had received a giftcard for Christmas to the movie theater, and so I was looking forward to watching a [hopefully] good movie, and not having to pay for it. Because we were running a little bit late, and there was a bit of a line at both ticket boxes, we decided to stand in opposite lines to see which one would get to the cashier first.

The ticket boxes were on opposite sides of the theater enterance, so when my boyfriend reached the cashier first, he motioned for me to come over as he told the cashier, "Two for The Spirit."

Since I was the one with the giftcard, I dashed over to the other line as the cashier punched in the ticket orders. As soon as I came into view, however, I noticed a price change on the screen. Instead of being the ridiculously over-priced $20 that I had expected, the screen now read $15. My boyfriend was fumbling around in his wallet for his debit card (no doubt having forgotten that I had a giftcard) so I could only assume that the cashier had seen his college ID, and had given us a student rate.

I quickly handed over my giftcard, the cashier ran it through, and handed us our tickets. I eagerly examined my ticket, wanting to know exactly what sort of discount we'd received that allowed me to save a whole $5. Curiously, my ticket appeared to have only cost $5. (Meaning that my boyfriend's ticket was $10, for a total cost of $15.)

Upon further examination, I saw a little "CH" before my ticket amount.

I asked to see my boyfriend's ticket, and sure enough, there was an "AD" before his ticket price.

They had charged me for a child's ticket. I, a then 20-year old college student, had been charged the price reserved for children under the age of 12.

Somehow, as I dashed over to the counter, clad in a frosty teal jacket and with the giftcard in hand, I must have appeared to be a youthful 12-year old to that cashier.

What did my boyfriend say to this?

"Awwww," as he pinched my cheeks.


  1. I LOVE your blog! Hope you update all the time. I'll be reading!!!

  2. Thanks! :) I'm hoping to update quite frequently.