Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Very Bad Road Trip

Most of the time, I can handle things that go wrong, because usually things just go a little bit wrong. For example:

1.) You get a ticket for rolling through a stop sign on campus at 9PM on a Sunday night. (Okay, I'm a little bitter about that one.)

2.) You have a fender-bender while on your way to help your boyfriend move into his new apartment. (It wasn't my fault!)

3.) You forget your purse at your friends house and don't realize this until you are more than halfway home, almost out of gas, and are looking for your debit card to pay for the fuel. (Mountain Dew Girl bailed me out!)

4.) You purchase tickets for the 12 o'clock showing of a new movie, and don't realize until you're standing out in front of the vacant theater at 11:55PM that the tickets were for 12PM and not 12AM. (This was actually Random Knowledge Boy's mistake. This was almost 2 years ago and he still can't laugh about it!)

These are all examples of things that can definitely put a damper on your day and overall mood. However, based on the examples above, everything works out in the end, and you're only minorly inconvinienced. However, sometimes it seems that everything and anything that can go wrong goes wrong all at once. This was the case on a Sunday night while myself, my boyfriend, Random Knowledge Boy, his brother, Mr. Model Boy, and their roomate, Vitaman, were coming back from a wedding we had attended on the coast.

We had taken the day to hang out on the beach, so we were getting a pretty late start on the ride back home. We followed Random Knowledge Boy's grandfather's directions, which he said were pretty comprehensive. But because this is the very bad road trip, the directions, for some reason, led us to a fork in the road, with no instructions to turn left or right. Our road had simply ended.

This left us with little options other than to turn one way, and try to find a highway that we recognized that could take us back home. We ended up on a creepy back road for a long time, with no cell phone signal. I tried my hand at reading the map, to no avail. Fortunately we found some sort of civilization, and ended up pulling off to a gas station somewhere and the boys figured out where we should go. With our direction reaffirmed, we stopped off at a fast food place to pick up something to eat before we set off on the last leg of our trip.

Shortly after leaving the restaurant, however, we were driving along the highway, when suddenly a loud roaring sound starting filling the air around us. I thought perhaps it was a truck right behind us, but the noise continued even after the truck passed. Random Knowledge Boy pulled off to the side of the road, and after stepping out of the vehicle, we saw that the back tire our Random Knowledge Boy's car had blown out!

Now this certainly put a damper on the mood, seeing as how we were stranded on the side of a busy road with a blown-out tire. The boys set to work to attach the spare, which unfortunately was buried underneath all of our luggage in the truck. So we pulled out all of our bags and suit cases (and suits, from the wedding) and laid them out as best we could on the somewhat marshy ground. Fortunately, we had not pulled off to the side too far, so the ground was solid enough to the change the tire with relative ease. Half and hour later, we packed the blown-out tire in the trunk with the rest of our belongings and went back on our way.

Now Random Knowledge Boy was driving slower than usual, since the spare "doughnut" tire was smaller and he didn't want to stress it. Also, he didn't want his other back tire to blow out. (That never happened, whew!) However, we were just starting to get over the delay from having to change the tire when we saw blue lights flashing in the mirrors. Sure enough, we were being pulled over!

Apparently the registration was expired on Random Knowledge Boy's car. Since he's been driving so slowly, it was very easy for the police officer to notice that fact. Random Knowledge Boy had to go sit in the police car with one officer while he wrote up the citation, while the other officer came to talk to the three of us remaining in the car. We were a little jittery, as demonstrated by Mr. Model Boy.

"Where are you folks coming from?" The officer asked as he shined the flashlight at the boys in the backseat.

"[state]," Mr. Model Boy replied, which was the same state where our city of residence was, where the city of the wedding was, and where we currently were. (In other words, we'd never left the state we were currently in during our travels.)

He quickly corrected himself.

After the ticket was issued, Random Knowledge Boy continued driving us home. No one was in a particularly good mood by the end of the trip, when we reached our home city around 11PM. Vitaman still wanted to "help" me carry in my luggage so he could meet my roommates, but that plan kind of fell by the wayside. We just really couldn't believe the luck. In one single 5-hour road trip, we had:

1.) Gotten completely lost, following directions.
2.) Had a tire blow out.
3.) Gotten a ticket.

Just one of those days?


  1. First, at the beginning; I'd have to say number 4 would ruin my week and I'd never get over it. But overall; considering how pessimistic I am, it could've been worse! You could've ended up as another "Based on a true story" horror movie.

  2. Haha, true. We were glad the tire blew out after we'd gotten off the creepy back roads!