Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Am Not Your Father!

Looking several years younger than you actually are isn't always a bad thing. I'm sure when I'm 40 I'll enjoy the fact that people will think I'm 32, or 34. But being mistaken for several years younger than you really are when you're 21 isn't really that great, as has been proven by the posts in several other entries. But perhaps one of the most embarrassing "short" stories was one involving Random Knowledge Boy and myself.

Random Knowledge Boy used to have rather long hair for a guy. It wasn't quite to his shoulders, but it was very full. His longer hair actually made him look older for some reason. (People always used to comment that he looked so much younger when he'd get a haircut .) So given this backstory, we can understand that Random Knowledge Boy looked older than his age because of his hair at the time, and I look younger than my age.

Random Knowledge Boy, his father, and I were all at one of the Tae Kwon Do schools where we were teaching. Random Knowledge Boy taught the class that night, and his father and I participated and helped out. After the class, one of the parents of a new student came over to introduce herself. Random Knowledge Boy and I were talking to her, and Random Knowledge Boy's father was standing a little ways away. During the conversation, the woman suddenly glanced closely at Random Knowledge Boy and I.

"Let me guess: Father/Daughter?" she inquired, gesturing at the two of us.

At first, I thought for sure she was refering to me and Random Knowledge Boy's father. I have occasionally been mistaken for Random Knowledge Boy's younger sister, so this didn't seem like too big a stretch, especially since I had thought the woman already knew that Random Knowledge Boy and his dad were relatated.

But after a moment, it became apparent that she was not refering to his dad, but rather to Random Knowledge Boy himself. He looked reasonably shocked.

"I'm only 22!" he exclaimed.

"And I'm 18," I chimed in.

The woman eyed me as if she didn't believe me.

"Really?!" she inquired. "You like like you're 12!"

At this point Random Knowledge Boy's dad joined the conversation and pointed out again that Random Knowledge Boy was his son. The woman and he proceeded to chat, but she kept coming back to how I surely did not look like I was 18. (RKD was far too embarrassed to mention that I was his girlfriend after being mistaken for my father.) The woman even mentioned my age to a friend of hers, as well!

The kicker was when I was leaving the locker room later that night. I'd taken my hair out of my ponytail since class was over, and was heading upstairs. I ran into either the woman or her friend (I've forgotten which) on the stairs. The woman stated,

"Well, with your hair down you could probably pass for 14."

*sigh* Somehow, considering the fact that I was 18, passing for a 14-year old did not give me much solace.

Of all the "short" stories, this one takes the cake for mistaken age difference. I think Random Knowledge Boy was more put-off about it than I was. Especially when he realized that even if I were a 12-year old, in order for me to realistically be his daughter, he would have to be over 30!


  1. LOL ... that's a great story. I'm "vertically challenged" as well and ... feel your pain. :) Actually, there does come a point when being mistaken for someone younger is great ... but not at 18.

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm going to follow you, as well!

    Art Ist

  2. Poor, baby...Well, like you said, at least when you're 40....Great Story! Well written and held my attention.