Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things

My students are generally a lot of fun. Most of them enjoy the martial arts, and enjoy learning and practicing. Some of them, however, are either too young to really care much, or just not into it at all. Either way, both sets of students sometimes say the most ridiculous and often times funny things. (Bear in mind, the oldest kid I teach is 14. Most are between 7-12.) A few favorites are:

Devoted Student

"Martial Arts Guy should open up a dojo that's like a boarding school! We should all just live there and do martial arts all the time."

"I want to be in a tournament! It sounds easy."

Memorization Techniques

"It's like a dog peeing!" *on trying to think of a good way to remember leg positioning for a side kick.

"It's like you're taking a ninja star and you're sliding it down your arm at someone!" *on how to do a outside chop*

On Politics

Kid 1: "Is the Grandmaster from North or South Korea?"
Kid 2: "Probably South, because you can't get out of North Korea."

Concern for the Teacher

"Do you get paid?"

"I heard you yelling at the other class!"


"Why do beavers run so fast?"

"Cold water is bad for you because it takes longer to catch up to your body temperature."

Kid 1: "He put on too much deoderant!"
Kid 2: "Yeah, but I smell goooood!"

And although sometimes it can be a tough job keeping a bunch of kids in line and actually getting them to learn, all things considered, it's a very rewarding experience. (And their comments are sometimes just downright amusing.)

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  1. This is great! You should update this weekly!!! (They are almost as good as you-know-who's embarrassing moments!)