Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr. Model Boy vs. The College: Round 2

When something bad happens to you, you often look for some cause to blame for your misfortune. For instance, when you get sick late at night, you often blame the last thing you had to eat as being the cause. "Oh, I had tuna fish for dinner, so it must have made me throw up." From then on, tuna fish becomes associated in your mind as being connected with the memory of throwing up that night, whether or not it was an isolated incident, or even the tuna fish's fault in the first place. (Maybe you had come down with the flu, and the tuna fish was just an innocent bystander who happened to get thrown in to the mix.)

Ever since Mr. Model Boy hurt his back while training at the college, he had not come back for my weekly class. We joked that it was because he got hurt there and didn't want to go back for fear of getting hurt again, although, this wasn't really the truth. His work schedule had changed and he just hadn't gotten a chance to come back.

Recently, myself, Mountain Dew Girl, Martial Arts Guy, Mr. Model Boy, and two other black belts in our division had been doing a lot of training as a group for a demonstration. We decided to meet on the college campus to practice for this demo one Tuesday evening. This was the first time Mr. Model Boy had been back to the campus since the incident, but everything seemed to be going smoothly. We had our mats to protect us from any falls, and we had a great area to train in.

But on the first run-through of the demo routine, however, Martial Arts Guy took Mr. Model Boy down for a throw, and Mr. Model Boy landed on his shoulder the wrong way. At first he seemed only pained a little bit, but then as we started trying to go through the routine a second time, it became apparent that he had hurt himself. Upon investigation, he found that his shoulder didn't look quite right, and after a visit to the doctor, discovered that he had separated his shoulder.

This wasn't so good for the routine, which was to be performed in less than a week. We hurriedly rewrote the script to cover the parts Mr. Model Boy could no longer perform. The one part that he still played involved his using a cane to fight against and eventually beat Martial Arts Guy. Performed with one arm in a sling, this actually turned out to be a pretty amusing scene in the demo.

But it seemed that yet again, the college had defeated Mr. Model Boy. (To add insult to injury, he ended up with a parking ticket that night!)

So Mr. Model Boy is convinced that the campus has it out for him, and refuses to return. But is Mr. Model Boy unfairly blaming the college for his misfortunes, much like the tuna fish was blamed for making us sick?

The world may never know...

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