Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Stuffed Animal Biographies: Plumpy

I am very much a kid at heart. If most of the people who think I'm 12 or 14 years old ever saw my bedroom, they would probably never believe my real age. This is mainly due to the fact that I am a huge stuffed animal lover and collector. I've been collecting stuffties since I was a kid, and have kept them all. From my first favorite, little McGruff the crime dog plush, to my more recent giant panda plush that lays at the end of my bed, I love all the cute and cuddly stuffed animals that I own. My love of writing and stories compelled me to create personalities and back-stories for almost all of my plushy toys. Most of them even have a unique "voice" that is used whenever we personify the plush.

Fortunately I am not alone, as Mountain Dew Girl is also an avid (though not quite as diverse) collector of plush toys. Her main collection is of monkeys, and more specifically, a certain kind of purple monkey, who will be introduced in this entry.

"The Stuffed Animal Biographies" is going to be a new segment of the blog. I'll still be writing my normal, slice-of-life stuff, but in addition, there will be occasional posts about the "life" of a stuffed animal. Hence, a mini biography. Without further ado, allow me to introduce the original purple monkey of Mountain Dew Girl's bunch, Plumpy.

Plumpy came to live with us in December of 2004. His full name is Goku Plumpy Squishie I, although he rarely uses his long name. Most of his friends and family just call him "Plumpy," although he has been known to respond to "Plumps," as well. Plumpy's personaliy has always been sarcastic, and a bit apathetic. His catch-phrase, "Aah, phooey!" accompanied by a swing of his paw is his favorite response to anything that he finds silly or displeasing.

Plumpy is also extremely manipulative. He has been known to beg repeatedly with an unbearably cute pleading gesture with his paws. (The eyes get you every time!) It is very hard to say no to Plumpy's begging. For a few months back in 2005, Plumpy went through a brief bout of depression. If he were ever turned down or disappointed, he would sadly wander over to the paper shreader and threaten to throw himself in. Fortunately, this depression passed, and he was back to his typical cheerfully apathetic self in no time.

Over the years, Plumpy has lost a bit of weight and become somewhat worn in appearance. This may be due to the fact that he is a chain smoker, or perhaps the stress of having so many family members competing for the affections of Mountain Dew Girl. But worn or no, Plumpy's personality remains as sparky as it ever was. Ever the lazy monkey, Plumpy's favorite pastimes include sleeping, playing on the computer, eating Chex Mix, and watching TV. He currently resides on Mountain Dew Girl's bed at home. (He didn't like dorm life so much, and enjoys having free reign of the room while she is away.)

And that's it on Plumpy. Until next time, this has been "The Stuffed Animal Biographies."

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  1. That Plumpy! What will he be up to next??? I wonder what he's doing right now!