Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Life of a College Student

This was a post I'd written up sometime in the middle of last semester. I'm not sure why I didn't post it at the time, but I figured it's still as relevant (and probably more amusing now that I'm out of those classes) now as it was then.

My Day

8:45AM - Alarm goes off. Hit the snooze button.

9:10AM - I wake up, throw my clothes on, and go to Communication class.

9:30AM - I get a 60 on a pop quiz. (And lament the fact that I changed one of my answers from the correct one to an incorrect one.)

9:40-10:45AM - Play Super Mario 64 DS. (And listen to communications lecture.)

10:50AM - Stand in line for Chick-Fil-A.

11:00AM - Talk to group project member who has not finished his part of the project that is due at 3:30PM.

11:10AM - Ignore chicken sandwhich and instead start trying to do the part of the project that is not done, and put together the final version of the whole project.

12:30PM - Skip database class to work on project.

1:30PM - Group member finishes his part of the project, so now we have two versions of the same thing.

1:35PM - Finally remember I can register for classes, and hurry to do so.

2:00PM - Skip Japanese class since I'd spent the time I should have been studying kanji working on a group project.

3:10PM - Go stand in line at the financial aid office.

3:40PM - Get to class late. Half of my group (including the procrastinator member) do not show up.

3:50-4:45PM - Play Super Mario 64 DS. (And listen to lecture.)

5:00PM - Drive home to get my mail.

5:30PM - Try to find my mail under the rest of my parents, grandparents, and who knows who else's mail on the dining room table.

6:00PM - Pick up Mountain Dew Girl and head to Random Knowledge Boy's place.

7:00PM - After establishing that Random Knowledge Boy's apartment is an "old people" apartment, we head off to Wendy's. Random Knowledge Boy is hopped up on generic brand Vicodin for his broken rib. (That's a story for another post!)

7:55PM - Go to the movie theater to see Watchmen.

11:30PM - Drop off Random Knowledge Boy, and head back to campus.

12:20PM - Drop off Mountain Dew Girl, and go back to my apartment. Set my alarm, crash in bed, and fall asleep.

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