Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...

My phone decided to take a trip two weeks ago. It has yet to return.

I usually keep my phone in my jacket pocket. It's less obtrusive than keeping it in my pants pocket, but still readily accessible if I need to check the time. I remembered pulling my phone out of my pocket just before boarding the bus to go downtown for work. I stuffed it back in, and got on the bus. Just minutes after exiting the bus and watching it drive off down the street uptown, I felt my pocket and realized with great dismay that it was empty.

Given that information, it would seem that I had left my phone on the bus.

You don't realize how entirely dependent you are on your cell phone until you lose it. During the time I was without a phone, I had no idea what time it was, almost got lost and had no way to call someone for directions, and had to rely on the house phone for any calls that needed to be made. Since I only know a handful of numbers by heart, this meant my calling base was rather limited.

Immediately after losing it, I tried calling my cell a few times to see if perhaps it would get someone's attention, but I realized that I had left it on silent mode since I had been going to work that morning. No luck there. By the evening, calling my phone would simply transfer me to voicemail, meaning that someone had most-likely found and turned off the phone.

I decided I would try the transportation center downtown the next day to see if my phone had been turned into the lost and found. The first visit down to the bus hub provided me with nothing; the woman behind the glass window simply told me she had never seen a phone like mine, without evening bothering to check, and that I should come back later in the day. I walked all the way back to my building empty-handed. Around 4:45 that afternoon, I went back. This time the woman at the desk actually looked through the drawer of phones, but my wayward little phone was still MIA.

At this point, I had given up on actually finding my phone. Most probably someone found it and kept it. (Not that it would do them any good, since we blocked my number at the time.) With a heavy heart and an aching wallet, I went out to Best Buy to pick out a replacement for my trust phone. After browsing the not-so-appetizing selection of phones, it seemed there was no way out of forking over $200 for a new phone.

I still had a brand new SIM card from my phone upgrade, so I didn't need to worry about getting a new one of those. This handy little fact came in very useful when I was pointed to a selection of "pay as you go" phones that ran as cheap as $29. Apparently by using your SIM card, you could put one of those phones on your plan and use it just as you always had. Success! I ended up getting a $59 phone, and paid out the $10 for insurance. (Seeing as how this was my second phone mishap in a year, I figured I may as well go for it.) And since I've only had the little guy for a week and I've already dropped him in a mud puddle, I think the insurance may pay for itself.

So now I have a shiny little blue phone to replace my shiny little purple phone. Where my old phone is, we will never know. One thing for certain has been learned from this experience: never let your cell phone ride without you.

Also, be very wary of buses. Somehow one of my umbrellas has disappeared between my house and work, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the bus may have been responsible yet again.

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