Monday, December 14, 2009

Kids, Ages, and Devotion

On Devotion
This can't be expressed so much in dialogue, unfortunately, but it was too ridiculous not to post about. I have had a group of pretty good students for a year and a half now. There have been some serious students, some not-so-serious, and one particular class clown. This class clown hardly ever practiced, and usually got by testing on the skin of his teeth. He'd joke during class, and was mildly disruptive. By the time he started getting up there in the ranks, I held him back and wouldn't let him test until he actually knew his stuff. He slacked off for a while longer, and then one day came to class with the notion that he was going to work extra hard and double-promote on the next belt test.

I chuckled, and said that was very rare and he probably wouldn't be able to do that, but that I was happy he was being more active about his training and surely he could test as usual if he practiced hard enough. The next class, he said the same thing, and my response was similar. Then, this student never came back to class. I figured he had just had conflicting hobbies, or that the class was becoming too expensive. Later, one of my other students divulged to me that this particular student had quit "because we weren't taking him seriously."

On Ages
Me: How old are you?
Student 1: I'm 6!
Student 2: I'm 8, but people always think I'm 6 or 7.
Me: People always think I'm younger than I am, too. How old do you think I am?
Student 1: 15!
Me: *sigh*

They're getting closer! But then, I keep getting older at the same time. (I'll be 22 next month.)

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  1. ah haha i saw ur blog on gaia. I'm 22 too and EVERYONE tells me I look like I'm 14!