Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mud Fight

Despite what the title suggests, this entry actually has nothing to do with martial arts. (I have yet to spar someone with any amount of mud involved. For that, I think I can be thankful.) What the fight I am refering to, however, is between my car and the marshy ground on campus.

I have a night class this semester in one of the three buildings that are almost completely separate from the campus (past the recreational fields, almost out on the main road.) Because it would take quite a while to walk there from my campus apartment, and the fact that it's chilly and dark out at that time of night, I opt to drive over and park in the little lot beside the building. The lot is usually full, however, and I sometimes improvise with parking. I had parked on the ground beside the lot before, and that had always worked out pretty well. I never got a ticket, and it was always open because who else wanted to park on the ground?

Anyway, I parked there that night, and imediately realized that the ground was pretty darn muddy. It had snowed quite a bit the day before, and although it melted quickly, everything was very wet. I had an inkling in the back of my head, "What if you get stuck in the mud?" But I pushed that idle thought out of my mind and went on to class. But unfortunately when I came back to my car and tried to back out, my tires sank deep in the mud and spun helplessly.

I got the bright idea to try to drive around the grass/mud area to find firmer ground, and successfully got my car wedged in the mud at the bottom of a small slope, unable to move backwards or forwards. At this point, I'd begun sinking in the mud when I stepped out of the car, and my wonderful tye-dye sneakers were caked with the stuff. With mud on my pants, my shoes, my car door, floor, and steering wheel, I decided that this just wasn't working.

Defeated, I called AAA to tow my little car out. There was about 2 inches worth of mud on each tire, and driving was a little strange the next few days with the contstant "clink, clunk, CLUNK" of mud and dirt falling off. Of all the things to need roadside assistance for, I have a feeling that getting pulled out of the mud is one of the silliest.

The tow truck folks called out after me, "Maybe you should stick with the real parking spaces next time!"

And I think I shall.

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