Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break

It's March! The weather is getting warmer, school is coming to an end, and right now it's all made sweeter by the fact that I am on Spring Break. And because of all this Spring-y-ness in the air, I've made up a couple of lists.

Things that Make Spring "Spring"

1.) CAT Standardized Tests. A once-a-year experience where my siblings and I would take a week to do standardized tests for the state. There were much anticipated, due to the fact that they were all the school we did for the week and we got done usually by lunch each day. They still symbolize spring for me, even though I'm in college and the only member of my family that is taking them is my brother, Guitar Player Boy.

2.) Life Savors. It was recommended to eat Life Savors during standardized tests, so this also became a springtime tradition. I went out and bought a package yesterday to follow tradition. Yum, yum.

3.) EZ Set Pool. For years, we had an "EZ Set Pool," the kind with the inflatible ring on top with rising walls, that we would set up in the backyard. It was an all-day, or multi-day chore that involved dragging the pool out of the shed, hosing the spiders, webs, other bugs, leaves, and general dirt out, dragging it into position over to its spot in the center of the yard, and then fill it with the hose. This pool not only forced us to have a bald sand circle in the middle of the yard year-round, but also was a hazard for the local squirels. More than one time, we'd return home from vacation and find a dead squirel floating in the pool. Also, since our yard is essentially a hill, although the pool was supposed to be "3 feet deep," one side was about 2 feet deep, and the "deep end" was about 3, but if you got too close to the wall with any sort of pressure, the water would force over the wall, dumping gallons along with any nearby swimmers out into the yard. Ah, good times!

So what am I planning to do for spring this year?

1.) Return to the creek. Many may remember
my entry last year about wondering why in the world I was talked into going tromping around the campus woods and creek with Mountain Dew Girl and Bee Cool Boy. This year, I've decided to return, but with a bit more proper planning. I'm getting water shoes or hiking boots, wearing thick pants, no earings, and tacky shirt I don't mind getting splattered with mud.

2.) Go to the beach. I would love to go to the beach and be able to, you know, actually hang out at the beach a lot. (
Without losing any facewear.) I'm thinking maybe a weekend trip with my family, or perhaps Mountain Dew Girl's roommate, Coca Cola Girl. I shall introduce her properly in a future entry.

3.) Finish Computer/Video Games. I have so many hanging video games/pc games that I need to complete, it's not even funny. I'm still playing the newest Nancy Drew PC Game, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribultions, and Trace Memory, to name a few. I'm also wanting to keep playing/restart Croc 2, and maybe even Hype: The Time Quest and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Those games never get old!

4.) Write more. On my stories, and on the blog.

And that's all from the Scarf for today! What are your spring plans? :)

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