Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Importance of Wearing a Mouth Guard

I hate mouth guards.

This isn't really a secret. I will avoid wearing one at all costs unless I'm specifically instructed that I must wear one. I find them uncomfortable. They hurt my mouth, they make it hard to breath, hard to swallow, and make it difficult to give a good "Kiiya!" before the sparring match begins.

So this past weekend at our bi-monthly belt promotions, I was assigned to fight a red belt for her test. Naturally, I didn't wear my mouth guard. What was the worst thing that could happen?

I got kicked in the face. And bit my cheek.


So now I have a large, infected sore in my mouth where I had bitten my cheek. This particular sore is very close to my teeth, so I tend to scrape it with my teeth everytime I speak. Chewing is painful on that side of my mouth. Even drinking can be painful!

So while I'm looking up ways to combat a mouth sore and dealing with the fact that crunchy foods have become my temporary enemy, the pain is a constant reminder of that little fact.

Wear your mouth guard.

Wear your mouth guard.

And goodness knows, next time, I'll wear the damn thing!

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