Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The fire alarm is going off and I'm naked!"

These words have been uttered by Mountain Dew Girl on numerous occasions. Yes, it just so happens that almost every time the fire alarm has gone off in her dorm or apartment buildings, she just so happens to have just gotten out of the shower. Pretty weird timing, right?

1.) On the first occasion, it was a typical fire alarm drill. It was merely coincidence that she was clad in a towel when the drill happened.

2.) The second time, Mountain Dew Girl's shower was the cause of the fire alarm going off. Mountain Dew Girl has been known to take very, very long and hot showers. (She once used up all the hot water forever at our house.) But after getting out of her steamy dorm shower, the fire alarm promptly went off. After scrambling for some clothes and trooping outside to wait with the rest of the disgrunted residents of her dorm, the fire fighters informed her that it had been her room that set off the alarm. Since no one else was doing anything that could have set it off, it was deduced that her shower had indeed set off the alarm. (It must have been the steam!)

3.) Third time, Mountain Dew Girl's roommate had left a pan of oil on the stove unattended. (Recipe for disaster right there.) Sure enough, the pan went up in flames on the stove, and the alarm sounded ... just as Mountain Dew Girl had gotten out of the shower. Apparently her first thoughts were not about the thick cloud of smoke in the living room. It was, "I am putting some clothes on this time!!"

The reason Mountain Dew Girl gets caught in a towel when the alarm sounds, however, is not totally due to bad timing. She likes to lounge around by her computer wrapped in her towel playing games for 20+ minutes after a shower. As strange as this may sound, I have to admit, I'm guilty of the same thing. One time I was sitting at my desk in my towel chatting on the phone to none other than Mountain Dew Girl herself. Guess what happened?

Of course. The fire alarm went off. And I literally laughed and screamed into the phone, "The fire alarm is going off and I'm naked!"

But anyhow, the lesson here is simple: Don't take really hot showers.

Also, don't leave hot oil on the stove.

But most importantly, try not to be naked when the fire alarm goes off.

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