Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My car is a 2003 silver Saturn Ion. His name is Fin. I got him last year to replace my first car, a 2002 green Saturn SL1 (or 2, I always forget which model he was) after I crashed the poor guy into the median on the freeway. (I'll have to blog about that story someday...)

Anyway, Fin features manual locks and windows, and I constantly have to remind my passengers to lock their doors. I told my sister that if I were to make a list of the things I say most often, it would go sort of like this:

1.) "Ah, very cool!"

2.) "I know, right?"

3.) "Lock your doors!"


But I could live with that. Fin's a good car, drives smoothly, and doesn't guzzle oil like my previous car did. However, Fin definitely has one very irritating quirk: sometimes, he randomly will not release the key from the ignition after I've turned off the car.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why and when this happens. I'll sit there struggling with the key for minutes sometimes, and other times he'll let it out no problem. It is this quirk, actually, that his name comes from. (Fin, as in short for "Finicky.")

I think it must have something to do with Fin not getting a signal that the car is off. I turn the key back and forth, push on it, take off my seatbelt, turn off the lights, push it back into drive, and then back to park, and even sometimes mess with the radio. It's a little bit strange that sometimes, if I listen to the whole song that's playing on my CD, when the song ends, I can turn the key and it'll pop out. MD Girl jokes that Fin just wants to hear the rest of the song. I'm starting to believe that.

But Fin's quirk has made me late on several an occasion. Although the car is turned off, it's not as though I can just leave my keys in the ignition and abandon the car. I'd have to leave the doors unlocked, and who is stupid enough to leave their doors unlocked with the key in the ignition?

Guitar Player Boy has suggested I get a spare key made, and use it to drive the car. When Fin acts up, I'll just leave the spare in the ignition, lock the doors, and use my regular key to get back into the car later. I might just have to do this. If for no other reason, than to spare me from moments when I pull up to Dominoes pizza to pick up an order, and sit there yanking at my key like an idiot for several minutes, while the man in the car next to me eyes me, taps on the window, and tells me to turn the key the other way. *facepalm*

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