Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For Want of a Pretzel

Yesterday, I had a hankering for a soft pretzel. Not the microwavable insult that you get at certian movie theaters. (The pretzel was delivered to me still in it's microwavable bag, with no salt. I had to specify I wanted salt, and then tried to figure out how to put salt on a dry pretzel. For shame...) But a real, soft-yet-chewy, buttery and salty, soft pretzel. (I think my recent encounters with Auntie Anne's pretzels during our trip to the beach are to blame for this craving.) However, I was left wondering how I could fit this pretzel into madcap schedule.

I had to go teach a martial arts class straight from work, at 5:45. I had to go borrow a pair of gii pants from Mountain Dew Girl, since she lives relatively close to where the school I was going to be teaching at was. There was a Target right on that road, and of course, Target food courts have soft pretzels. However, As I drove down the somewhat crowded road at 5:10, I realized there was no way I could stop and still make it to the school on time. I passed it by with a longing glance.

I arrived at the school just in time (although
Fin's antics with the key caused me to be a few minutes late.) I realized that even after this class, I still had to be at another school for a class just 45 minutes later. There was no Target that I knew of on the quickest route, and I couldn't afford to waste any time taking a detour. Alas, it seemed that my pretzel cravings would go unsatisfied.

After teaching, I hurried back out to my car and started on my way to get back on the highway. However, as I pulled up at the red light to wait my turn, I spotted a most glorious sight in the distance: the red Target logo. There was a Target right there on the road! I rushed in, parked in a flash (and fortunately Fin was kind with the key), and bought my $2.50 Pretzel Combo. A soft pretzel never tasted quite so good. (Although Auntie Anne's are probably better.)

And so I drove down the highway blaring music, and enjoying my well-deserved salty snack. (And I was just on time for the next class, too!)

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  1. The cinnamon sugar Auntie Annes pretzels are extraordinary.