Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Popcorn List 2

And now time for another issue of, "The Popcorn List." I've watched quite a few movies in theaters this summer, so I'll be brief in my reviews for each.

Iron Man 2: First movie of the summer. Considering I loved the first Iron Man movie, and am a big comic book/superhero movie fan in general, of course I liked this movie. RDJr playes a great Tony Stark, with his eccentric behavior being one of the highlights of the film. There was lots of action, some good funny moments, and I enjoyed that Rhodes got to try on the Iron Man suit himself. And Black Widow was awesome, of course. However, there was something about the plot that bothered me, although it's still hard to place a finger on what. I've seen it twice, and I think it just isn't quite as good of a story as the first one. On a funny aside, we got to the theater an hour early because Mountain Dew Girl was paranoid about seats. We ended up waiting 45 minutes past when the movie was going to start due to technical issues. Boy, was I tired after that one...

Robin Hood: I actually didn't see this until very recently, although it came out in May. I really don't like stories set in this sort of era, and I hadn't really wanted to see it at all. (One of my friends invited me to see it at the campus theater, though.) I actually didn't mind it too much. I don't think I'd ever want to watch it again, but it had some good action, and a couple of laughs. But at the same time, it was a bit boring, and there was not enough character development or interaction. And where was Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? He only did that once in the whole movie!

Prince of Persia: I had really wanted to see this one, and wasn't disappointed. It had good action, and I enjoyed the prince's character. It reminded me strongly of The Mummy movies that I love, and was a lot of fun to watch. I wish there had been a little more character interactions between the prince and princess, and at the end, there was one little tidbit that I would have liked to have seen differently, as it essentially made a whole lot of character development moot.

The Killers: Again, I waited for the cheap theater to see this one. It was all right, but I felt like it wasn't quite as funny as it could have been. Ashton Kutcher is cute, for sure, but the story was pretty weak, and I thought the ending came out of nowhere. I'll give it credit for having some laughs, but I wouldn't want to watch this one again!

The A-Team: I never watched the old TV show, so I went in just having watched the trailer. I really enjoyed it for the most part. The characters were all very interesting, the plot made sense and had some good turns, and there were lots of laughs. I am embarrassed to admit the last twist did not make sense to me until after I left the theater, though!

The Karate Kid: Being the martial arts enthusiast that I am, of course I went to see this movie. I actually went to see it with Mountain Dew Girl, Guitar Player Boy, and our other friend, all wearing our Cobra Kai, "I kicked Daniel Larousso's Ass Back in 1984" t-shirts. :) I really did not like this movie very much, though. The kid annoyed me at times, and I just didn't like some aspects of the movie. Also, I felt like it was extremely long! I have since gone back and watched the old movie, and I liked that one better. Although the plots are very nearly the same (minus the living in China aspect) I liked the kid a lot more in the original. I think the story worked better for a teenager rather than a 10-12 year old. Plus, in the new movie, they're learning Kung-Fu, so I'm not sure why it's called Karate Kid at all!

Knight and Day: I went to see this with Random Knowledge Boy's sister and Mountain Dew Girl on a whim. My mom had reccomended it, and so we went to see it. Sadly, I really couldn't stand this movie. I felt like the pacing was bizarre (characters kept fading out of conciousness for extended periods of time, with little to no catch-up afterwards) the main character was a little peculiar, and the ending just didn't gel with me. Probably my least-favorite movie of the summer.

Inception: After all the hype surrounding this movie, Mountain Dew Girl and I went to see it when we were bored during our beach trip. It is a very inventive and engrossing movie. The main character reminded me strongly of DiCaprio's character from Shutter Island, which I thoroughly did not enjoy, but this movie was very good. I liked the characters, and I loved how the dream layers made it so that even when a character was "left behind" in the previous levels, they still needed to work to help the plan go smoothly. I got a little lost when it came to the logic in one spot, and my theory on the ending probably doesn't work, haha. But I did enjoy it very much.

Dinner for Schmucks: Again, I went to see this one on a whim with some friends. I didn't expect much, but it actually turned out to be a very hilarious movie. I was laughing constantly. The ending was very good, too, and there was no part of the movie that I wasn't enjoying.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: I knew nothing of the comic series this was based on, but I was really excited about this film from the trailer. And it didn't disappoint! This was definitely my favorite movie of the summer. It was off-beat, hilarious, and really enjoyable. I loved all the video game references, and the characters were great. I've already seen it twice, and would be more than happy to see it again.

Going the Distance: Mountain Dew Girl and I saw this at a downtown theater where we had to be carded to get in (and only got by because of the nice manager. It was 21 and up, and MDG is not quite of age yet.) There was a bouncer on a red carpet, you had to pick your seats, go up a multi-colored lighted escalator, and past a bar and restaurant. You could take food in with you! The seats were huge, and the whole thing was quite an experience. As for the movie, Justin Long is cute, but I didn't like it very much. The whole thing was hinged on sex jokes, which are funny in their place, but I felt like it kind of overtook the whole film. There wasn't much story, I felt like both characters were a little selfish and shallow, and ... yeah.

So there you have it! The Summer 2010 Popcorn List!

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