Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blue M&Ms

When I was in fifth grade, one of my teachers was absolutely convinced that blue M&Ms tasted different from all the other colors. It wasn't just that they tasted different: she didn't like the way they tasted, and refused to eat them. While the rest of us could find nothing funny-tasting or even remotely different about the blue candies, she maintained her position.

At any rate, her homeroom class decided that because of this, it would only be fitting to get her a gift: a jar full of only blue M&Ms!

Since this was back before you could just order a bag of only blue candies from M&Ms website, all the kids in her class did their part to collect the candies. What they ended up with was a jar full of tons of candies in all different shades of blue, from the various dye lots that M&Ms had. I can't remember if I were there when she got it, or only when she was talking about it later. I believe she put it on her bookcase, and just laughed, insisting that they did in fact, taste funny!

I wonder if her belief that the candies tasted different was due to the fact that blue M&Ms were newer. They hadn't always been part of the mix of red, brown, green, yellow, and orange. Because they were a new addition to the classic mix, she probably felt they didn't belong, which spurned this belief that they tasted differently.

Or maybe she was on to something! I never tasted a difference, but does anyone else think blue M&Ms taste differently from the rest of their chocolatey brethren?

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  1. hello! i found your blog from your reply to my discussion on 20sb.

    no, all M&Ms taste the same, but that's what i like about them. you get the excitement of many different colors but the flavor is never compromised.