Monday, January 17, 2011

When Birthdays Don't Matter Anymore

Little Scarf Girl is getting a bit old. (Just a bit.) This past week marked my 23rd birthday, which means I'm now 2 years into the "Birthdays-That-Don't-Matter."

Every birthday up until your 21st marks something cool. Some are more cool than others, and some are just plain boring, but they're all working their way up to that awesome "21."

1 - First birthday! It's a big deal, even though you won't really remember it later.
2 - Terrible twos. Everyone will dislike you for a year.
3 - Now you're a cute toddler!
5 - Aw, you're going to school now!
10 - Double digits!
13 - Teenager!
16 - Sweet Sixteen, and driver's license!
17 - The boring birthday in-between 16 and 18
18 - You're legal! And you can buy cigarettes.
19 - Boring birthday in-between 18 and 20. You're still a teenager.
20 - You're in your twenties! But you still can't drink.
21 - Tada! You can buy alcohol, go into bars, and pretty much everything else in life. Fun birthdays are officially over.
22 - The worst birthday ever, since now you're just getting older with nothing to "look forward," too. You're also graduating from college, leaving "being a kid" life behind.
23 - Boring.
24 - Will you even have a birthday party this year?
25 - You can rent a car without those extra fees for being a "young" driver.
26 - You've been out of college for 4 years now.
27 - You're officially in your "late" twenties.
28 - More "late" twenties.
29 - May as well just say you're 30.
30 - it's really over.

So there you go. Between here and 30, there's just one little birthday with a small little bright side. But honestly, how often will I be renting a car? Not very. No, it just goes to show that all the fun birthdays happen before you're 21. After you can drink legally, there's not a whole lot else to look forward to. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? It's really pretty logical. Before you're 21, you can't drink legally because you're "too young." Even though it's annoying to be limited in what you can do, there's something about being told you're "too young" for something that makes you feel, well, young. This is why people in their 30s are always ecstatic when they get IDed for alcohol.

As for me? Well, 23 might not be an exciting birthday, but at least I've got looking young on my side. I'm betting I'll still be getting carded when I'm in my late 30s.

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