Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Quite a Teenage Dream

I received a phone call from someone advertising the new plays that would be coming to my area. I politely listened to the person talk about all the different shows, and although she refered to "my husband," I assumed it was just an honest mistake. However, toward the end of the call, she let me know that the show "Bring it On" would be perfect if I teenage daughters or nieces.



Mountain Dew Girl insisted it was because I bought 5 tickets for the last show we went to, and stated that the group had multiple students. I guess that could feasibly have been myself, my spouse, and our three kids ... but seriously, I just don't think I sound remotely that old!

(And for the record, I'm 23, unmarried, and definitely without children!)


  1. Phone voice tends to sound a lot different than your actual voice. The amount of times family members confused me for my mother. We don't even sound remotely alike IRL, as far as I know.

  2. Those darn play sellers! xD I hate the "polite listen" trap where you're just too nice to say no up front, or perhaps you wanted to listen to the whole thing just to *see* if she'd say you have a husband and several kids. ;b

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